The Zen Guarantee

Zen Windows fully understands the role that doors and windows play in your homes. More than their obvious functions, they also have a huge impact on the overall look of your home as well as your comfort and convenience. For these reasons, we offer a solid lifetime warranty for both the material and labor of all our door and window replacements. We have full confidence in the quality of our products and the skills and expertise of our people that is why we fully stand behind our work.

The Zen Guarantee

replacing bad windows in Cincinnati OHWith Zen Windows, we try our best to give you the most value for your money. As much as we possibly can, we want to ensure that the money you paid us to have the replacement door or windows installed in your home will be the first and only investment you have to make as far as they are concerned.

To achieve this goal, we make sure that you are completely satisfied with all of our products and services. But if and when warranty issues come up, we are quick to respond to any service calls regardless of the magnitude and no matter when you want us. We take pride in our ability to respond promptly and fix the issue at hand without letting our clients wait. Our service department has their technicians always on call to be able to respond quickly whenever issues arise.

And more importantly, we do all these things without any extra charge on your end. All of the service costs are already included in the warranty package. You don’t have to worry about any additional fees at all. Whether you have a cracked glass, a torn screen, or any other related issues, you can relax because we have you covered.

When you purchase your replacement door or windows with us, we encourage you to inquire about the details of our warranty and the quality of our service. You will feel secure and confident about your decision once all your worries and fear are set aside with the type of guarantee that we provide. We will gladly answer all your queries and won’t keep you in the dark.

Precision Installation

With Zen Windows, all the replacements we offer come with precision installation from the professionals that we hired and trained ourselves.

As much as the construction and design of a window have a lot to do with its overall performance, the quality of its installation should never be in any way undermined. It is just as important in determining the functionality of the window. After all, if the installation is improperly carried out, no matter how good the quality and design are, the window will never perform at its maximum potential.

This is exactly why we put great care in our installation process. Rather than deciding on outsourcing and entrusting the installation projects to others, we have a group of dedicated and certified professionals who have been properly trained to take full control of the entire installation tasks and responsibilities. They hold the same value as we do and adhere to the high standards we set for our installation process.

No-Money-Down Guarantee

One of the reasons Zen Windows stands out from the rest is because of our no-money-down policy. We simply don’t take money from you unless we’ve completed the installation project in your home and you are completely satisfied.

Unlike most replacement window companies, we care more about your satisfaction than we do about potential profits. Our constant goal is not only to offer the best product and services out there but to ensure that we provide you with a pleasant and stress-free buying experience as well. Our no-money-down policy enables us to establish a trust-based relationship with you since we don’t get paid any money unless you are 100% happy with the end results.