About Zen Windows

Looking for the best replacement windows that fit both your style and your home’s theme doesn’t necessarily have to be a gruesomely long and boring process like most people think it is. This was something that the founder of Zen Windows, Dan Wolt, wanted to change in the window replacement industry when he started his company in 1986.

Shopping for the best replacement windows out there doesn’t have to be a stressful and lengthy process. Nor should it be an experience that you would rather forget. This was exactly what Dan Wolt, the founder of Zen Windows, aimed to achieve in the window replacement industry when he started his company back in 1986.

When Zen Windows first ventured into the window business, the industry people were neither gentle nor kind. In fact, the replacement window industry for the longest time has earned the reputation of being ruthless and overly aggressive. Given that profit margins can be high, clients were often bombarded with less-than-savory tactics and high-pressure sales pitches practically by every replacement window company looking to make a sale. In addition, it wasn’t common to find rowdy workers who come and go as they please for the installation project, disrupting the home life of their clients.

Zen Windows wanted to change how things were back then. It was a daunting, if not, an impossible task given that the practices had been going on for so long. Needless to say, what Zen Windows offered was a breath of fresh air that made the company a league of its own. One of the things that set it apart from the rest is its commitment to provide a no-money-down guarantee. This allowed Zen Windows to establish a trust-based relationship with its clients while the latter didn’t have to worry about wasting their hard-earned money on sub-standard and poorly installed units. They only pay once the units are installed in their homes and they are fully satisfied.

Zen Windows Cincinnati will adhere to the same principles as we aspire to provide the best window buying experience for all of our clients. We will never require for any upfront fees. More than any potential profits, we care more about customer satisfaction. We don’t get paid until we get the job done and you are 100% happy. Give us a call or send us an email today. We’ll give you a quote on the door or window that you need for your home in 5 minutes with no strings attached.


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Cincinnati Tri-State Areas Served

  • Ohio

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    Cincinnati, OH
    Fairfield, OH
    Hamilton, OH
    Kenwood, OH
    Lebanon, OH
    Loveland, OH
    Mason, OH
    Milford, OH
    Middletown, OH
    Monroe, OH
    Mount Olive, OH
    Sharonville, OH
    Wilmington, OH

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    Florence, KY
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    Independence, KY
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    Owenton, KY
    Union, KY
    Walton, KY
    Warsaw, KY
    Williamstown, KY

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    Bright, IN
    Brookville, IN
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    Elrod, IN
    Greendale, IN
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    Harrison, IN
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    Milan, IN
    Rising Sun, IN
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