Thank You

Thank you for requesting a replacement windows quote from Zen Windows.
It is our goal to make purchasing replacement windows, and patio doors, as easy as humanly possible.

No sales people, no sales presentations and window quotes in as little as 5 minutes. It’s that easy.

We just need some very basic info about your windows to get you a quote.


  • How many windows
  • What color
  • Grids or no grids or how many with grids
  • An idea of how big your windows are. (You DO NOT have to measure them all! 🙂


With that said, here are the questions that I need answered to give you a window quote:

#1. How many windows do you want replaced?
This is simply a matter of counting them. How Many?


#2. Do you want grids or no grids? Full screens or half screens? (Half screen is standard)
(example: 3 with grids, none in the rest. Half screens.)


#3 What is the approximate size of your largest window? How many are about this size?
NOTE: You don’t need to measure every window. Just measure your largest window and note how
many are about that size. Got a question about some of them, snap a picture and email or text it to me.


#4 What is the approximate size of your average window? (Just measure 1. That’s all I need)


#5 Was your home built before 1978?


#6 What color windows would you like? Exterior and interior. (White is standard)


#7 What is the address of the property? (Please add your mailing
address if different than the property address.)


That’s pretty much it! Send that to me and I’ll send you that quote!

We can also do this by phone if you prefer. In either case you will
get your quote in about 5 minutes with no sales pitch or pressure
even after we give you the quote. That’s the Zen Way.

We look forward to serving you.

Michael & Libbie Peach
Owners – Zen Windows Cincinnati TriState
(859) 991-1778