Single Hung Windows

Only the bottom sash operates
on a single hung window.


Single Hung Replacement Windows In Denver CO

Single hung windows are affordable
and can still dress up a home.


The bottom sash tilts
in for easy cleaning.


What Are Single Hung Windows?

Single hung windows are designed with two sashes; one is placed over the other. The sash on top is fixed in place while the one at the bottom is operable. The window looks similar to a double hung window. However, only the bottom sash can be slid up and down to regulate airflow in a room. Even though they’re not as common as double hung replacement windows, single hungs are still used by a lot of people in replacing their existing windows and in new construction.

Single hung windows are typically more affordable than double hungs because only one of their sashes can be operated. Since mechanisms are no longer necessary to operate the top sash, the expense of making these windows is minimized.

A Quality Window That’s Designed For A Limited Budget

Zen Windows offers one single hung window called The Limited. If you want to be able to get quality but need to get the most affordable option possible, this single hung window will be the perfect choice for you. The Limited single hung windows come with an array of different features, which include:

  • Transferrable Warranty: Zen Windows offers its single hung windows with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty for replacement windows and a 10-Year Transferable Warranty for new construction windows.
  • Tilt-in bottom sash: Our single hung windows are made with a bottom sash that’s designed to tilt-in, which makes cleaning faster and easier on your part.
  • Minimal air infiltration: In order to allow the windows to provide maximum weather protection, they are equipped with double weather stripping around their sash perimeters.
  • Meeting rail interlock: The interlock where the two sashes of the window meet at the middle is designed to keep air infiltration at a minimum.
  • Energy efficiency: The single hung windows that we have meet the NFRC and Energy Star industry standards for energy efficiency. Plus, we also offer additional energy efficient glass package upgrades if you want to get more energy savings out of your replacement windows.
  • Multi-chambered frames: The windows are equipped with heavy gauge vinyl walls that provide them with superior strength and thermal performance.
  • Innovative sill design: The one-piece sill provides a strong bond between the sill and jamb so that the windows provide maximum weather protection.
  • Balance system: Our Certa-forceTM Balance system utilizes a coil, which provides smooth and easy operation. This type of system will never require lubrication or any adjustment, which means that your single hung windows are close to being maintenance-free.

As always, all the windows that we offer are fully customizable so you can achieve the look and feel that you desire for your window replacement project.

Are you still not sure which type of windows will best suit your home? Then, contact us today to learn more.