Garden Windows

Largely because of how they are designed, four separate windows joined together and slightly project outward from the wall of the house; garden windows allow more light to come into the home making it possible for plants and flowers to be grown inside the house. This is actually how this type of windows earned the name. Similar in structure as that of bay windows but slightly smaller in dimensions, garden windows consist of glass on all sides except at the bottom where a shelf space is allocated for the placement of the houseplants.

Garden windows are made with four windows that are adjoined together to form a beautiful design.

Basically, garden windows offer the same concept as the greenhouse glass designs (That’s why they are also sometimes called “greenhouse windows”.) in which the sun’s resources such as lighting and heat are captured through the use of glass or other types of products in order to help plants grow. However, garden windows do more than just invite more natural light to come into your home. After all, they are designed to offer your home both beauty and functionality. Aside from allowing plants to grow, they practically bring the outdoors inside the house allowing you to relax and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor view without the need to go outside.

You can also easily catch a cooling summer breeze with just the turn of a handle. In addition, garden windows made from vinyl will enhance the beauty of your home and make it appear larger than it actually is. Vinyl garden windows also offer greater thermal efficiency.

Although they are commonly found in the kitchen and bathrooms, garden windows can be anywhere in your house like in the living areas, or even in the bedroom. Also, although commonly made from vinyl and aluminum, they are likewise available in other frame configurations. But, if your main purpose for getting this type of window is to grow plants, a vinyl frame should make an ideal choice since temperature can be a major factor to consider. Compared with other alternative materials, vinyl offers better thermal performance and higher resistance against condensation.

If you want some rays of sunshine into your kitchen or bring the feel of the outdoors inside your home, or even both at the same time, you can never go wrong with garden windows.



  • Multi-Point Locking System
  • Fully Welded Vinyl Frame
  • Aluminum and Steel Reinforcements
  • Tempered Double Strength Top Glass
  • energySMART® Insulating Glass Units


Optional Add-Ons

  • Adjustable 3/8″ Glass Shelf*

Interior Color Options