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Beautiful One-Story Brick Tudor

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Other trends come and go but, a vintage look never goes out of style. This was exactly what we had in mind when we brought life to this beautiful and unique one-story brick tudor through our custom-designed casements. The customized colors blended well with and helped accentuate the color scheme of the home, both indoors and outdoors. The success of this project largely hinges on a few critical choices:

  • We opted for eyebrow windows to be able to hit two birds with one stone – keep the original style of the house and have enough space for architectural purposes at the same time.
  • We used the gorilla triple pane glass system to provide maximum protection against severe cold weather conditions outside and strong winds.
  • We employed custom internal grid patterns on every window to maintain the design integrity of the home.

Beautiful Two-Story Colonial


At Zen Windows, we take great pride in being able to listen to and meet the diverse needs of our clients. To respond to the specifications of the owner of this two-story house, who wanted to enhance the aesthetics and energy-efficiency of his home, we brought in and installed new double hung windows. The simplicity of the changes belied the huge impact the new windows brought not only to the overall look of the home but also on its general performance. Moreover, the beautiful newly-installed dormer windows gave the house a distinct look making it one of a kind.

  • To achieve a unique result, we used the custom grid configurations which produced a distinctive look perfectly matching the owner’s unique style and preference.
  • For minimal and even zero-maintenance, we used windows that tilt in which is actually ideal for homeowners who neither have the time nor the energy for constant window cleaning and maintenance.
  • To further offer the owner more convenience at home, the exterior of the windows which are made from wood are made intact to significantly eliminate any maintenance needs and issues.

To provide maximum energy efficiency, the Godzilla triple pane glass system known for their energy saving capabilities, were used for this project.

Beautiful Craftsman Style Ranch


For this project, we made use of both custom transom windows and a front door that perfectly complimented each other. Double hung windows that featured custom internal grids that further boost the aesthetics of the house were also used. Aside from the amazing results, the great thing about this project is that we were able to complete the installations within a day!

  • Although unique individually, together, the front door and transom windows proved to be a perfect combination, giving the home a welcoming entryway in a uniquely nice way.
  • To provide optimum protection against extremely cold weather conditions as well as the sun’s UV rays, we used low-E insulating glass plus argon, which are known for their ability to offer high energy efficiency.
  • By using the seal smart glass for this project, we were able to take maximum advantage of the windows’ insulating power and thermal performance.