Why Do Other Window Replacement Companies Require A Down Payment?

You’ve heard some of the horror stories. Window companies demand a certain amount for down payment even before they start with the replacement window project. And then they tear down your house, disrupt your lives, demand more money, and threaten to delay the project some more if you don’t pay. The sad part is you never see the contractor or your money again. You are left with uncompleted projects. Some homeowners even paid a significant amount for a project that was never even started.

It comes as no real shock, therefore, that a number of homeowners are quite wary with companies who ask for upfront fees. More often than not, these companies are out there for the obvious. They want to get your check and cash it in.

To be fair, it is a standard practice for contractors in the home remodeling industry to ask for down payments. There is nothing wrong with that. You see, a lot of materials used in the production of the units are on special order, which contractors need to pay to produce the windows. Also, they need to shell out money for any permits needed to get the project rolling. However, there’s a certain percentage that is considered fair and just. As a rule, a down payment should not be over 25% of the total cost of the replacement project. If a company requires you to pay more than that, be very wary.  It goes without saying that you are NEVER to give the contractor all the money even before the project is completed. Always remember that “he who has the money is in control”. It is always wise to be careful and err on the side of caution.

Before you give a contractor the go signal to get started on the installation job, you should do your homework. Before they start working on your house, get the answers you need not only to make you feel comfortable with your decision, but also to make sure that the installation will be carried out efficiently and won’t cause you losing a great deal of money. Here are some crucial questions on the installation process that you need to raise:

  1. If your windows are rotten, will they replace the wood? If they do, are there extra charges for that?
  2. In case of damages such as casing, sills, etc., will you be chargedextra?
  3. Are they going to move your furniture before the start of the project or you are solely responsible for this?
  4. Are they going to provide you with new capping, casing or caulk?
  5. What material will be used when caulking?
  6. Are they going to insulate the walls around the windows and seal the area around the corners?
  7. If a new header is required, are you going to shoulder the expenses?
  8. Will they do a complete cleanup after the installation is completed?
  9. Are there going to be any follow-ups after the job is complete?

These are just some of the important questions that you need to ask. The bottom line is that you need to be careful in choosing the right contractor for the installation. Take your time to do your homework. Don’t be shy in asking questions about other services on top of all the details of the installation job. If things don’t feel right, back off. This is much better than dealing with the headaches and costly mistakes of hiring inefficient and money-hungry contractors.

If you choose Zen Windows Cincinnati, you won’t be worried about being ripped off of your hard-earned money. You see, we don’t require any upfront fees. You only give us your payment when we’ve completed the installation project in your home and you are 100% satisfied. This is our way of letting our clients know that they can put their trust on us and on how we do our job.