How Come Window Bids Differ So Much From Each Other?

Before anything else, you should understand that in the window business, there are a lot of good windows and unfortunately, bad windows as well. That is why you need to exert efforts to find the right window that is not only of excellent quality but also one that is priced right. Normally, you shop around for prices. The Better Business Bureau recommends that you get at least two or three estimates before making a buying decision.

Now let’s go back to your question. You probably knew by now that when you did your homework and asked around for prices, they can either be close in range or can hugely vary. While the answer and explanations can go on and on, the long and short of it is that the prices of the windows are generally the direct function of the overhead of the company providing the estimates.

One of our clients before asked for three quotes from three different contractors. My bid was $15,000. He was clearly surprised and then turned skeptical all of a sudden. It turned out that one company gave him a quote of $51,000 while another gave a quote of $32,000. Understandably, the significant difference in price range would elicit the same reaction from anybody who is not familiar with the ins and outs of the window business.

My explanation is very simple. The two big companies who gave the two quotes were no doubt reputable and most likely offer high quality products and excellent service. But my company can provide both, too. So why do I charge way lower? The answer lies in my company’s business model. This makes a huge difference in the pricing.

You see, a big company normally occupies a really huge office, and employs a group of telemarketers, canvassers, sales people, managers, and so on. To pay for the cost of these overhead, the company needs to build on the price of their windows. On top of that, there are also the marketing expenses. It is common practice for companies to market their business through the newspaper, radio, television, etc. and these can be very costly. How do they pay for these? You get the picture. This answers why there are replacement windows out there that have exactly the same quality as others but are exorbitantly priced.

With Zen Windows Cincinnati, our business model has already been pre-determined. Dan Wolt, the founder of Zen Windows, who has been in the window business for 20 years, created a business model that can offer a win-win situation for him and his clients. What Zen Windows offers sets us apart from anybody else in the industry.

First of all, with Zen Windows, our clients talk to nobody else but the owner. When you get in touch with us, there are no sales persons to meet you up because we don’t employ any. There is no better person to represent the company than its owner. I provide my clients with my personal cell phone and office phone numbers as well as my email address so they can contact me directly and nobody else. This makes the flow of communication fast and simple.

In addition, employing less people in the company means keeping the overhead at a minimum allowing me to keep my prices extremely competitive. Finally, given that my business thrives on referrals, I make sure that I take care of my clients and as much as I possibly could, I give them the best value for their money. We don’t have commission hungry salespersons who really don’t care about you, your home or what kind of product or service you get. For more information on our business model and how we are able to offer affordable replacement windows, contact us today.