What Is A Good Warranty For Your New Windows?

Most companies will tell you that they offer a lifetime warranty on their windows. Those who don’t know better will think that they have a great warranty going but in many instances, they actually don’t. You see, this so-called lifetime warranty can be very vague and misleading. It is common to find lifetime guarantees that are so limited that the term “lifetime” becomes meaningless. When it comes to the warranty terms of your windows, be very discerning. Here are some good questions that you need to raise when considering warranty components.

  • Who is backing the warranty of the windows – the window company that you got them from or the window manufacturer? As much as possible, try to find a solid manufacturer’s warranty for your windows.
  • What does “lifetime” refer to – the lifetime of the window, your home, or the length of time you’re going to reside in your home? And, what does it cover – the unit and the installation or just the windows?
  • If any warranty issues arise, will there be any extra cost on your end?
  • Is the warranty transferable? If yes, does it entail any additional cost?
  • In cases of accidental breakage, does the warranty cover this?

Even if a warranty sounds solid as the company claims, you still don’t take their word for it. To be sure, ask for references. Make sure, too that these people who you are going to ask questions to will help you evaluate how the company responded to a warranty-related issue rather on how well they installed the windows.

You can ask them several questions like how long it took them to file and complete a service call, whether the technician was on call when the service call was filed and if they were charged any fees. You will know if the company provides a good warranty if it responds to service calls right away regardless of the magnitude of the issue brought to them. Also, if they don’t charge anything for the repair, then you’ll know you are going to be in good hands.

Always remember that as far as your replacement windows are concerned, you should only be paying for them once. The amount you paid to have them installed in your home should be the first and last payment you will ever have to make. When it comes to warranties, don’t be gullible enough to trust everything that a company says. Find out for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.