What Are The Things That Make Replacement Windows Energy Efficient?

Perhaps, one of the biggest selling points of replacement windows is their ability to lower your heating and cooling bills. But have you ever wondered what exactly makes replacement windows energy efficient? This has a lot to do with how windows are designed. Modern replacement windows are specially constructed to prevent rain, wind, sleet, and snow during winter from infiltrating the home and at the same time allow the warm air to remain inside the house. During the hot summer months, they have the ability to keep hot air from getting inside the home without actually blocking natural light from coming in providing you with a nice view of the outside world. These major qualities explain why replacement windows rank high when it comes to energy efficiency.

To be able to perform at their optimum level and live up to expectations, the production of energy efficient windows normally goes through several considerations. Among the top concerns are: the overall design of the unit, materials used as well as the process involved. All these components are at play to be able to come up with replacement windows that have the ability to help lower a large percentage of the energy bills of many homeowners during the entire lifespan of the units.

Generally, most replacement windows today are energy efficient although they may provide varying levels of efficiency depending on some factors like the materials used during their production. Perhaps, the most energy efficient windows are those that are manufactured from materials that have the ability to keep levels of heat transfer to a minimum. When levels of heat transfer are reduced, the windows can keep the heat inside during the cold winter season and keep it outside during the warm summer months allowing people to enjoy comfortable temperatures inside their homes all year round.

Accordingly, a double glazed glass pack with a PPG Intercept spacer or a foam Super Spacer in the gap between its two layers of glass performs well in keeping heat transfer to a minimum. In addition, modern-designed replacement windows today have glasses that are treated with a low emissivity coating. The e-coating reflects the heat back into the room in the form of infrared light without sacrificing the amount of natural light getting inside the house. Moreover, today, energy efficient windows have frames and sashes that are constructed from materials that can likewise limit the amount of heat transfer. Among the different types of window replacements, vinyl windows are the most energy efficient.

Other than their ability to reduce your heating and cooling bills, replacement windows today are also designed to seal out air and water infiltration. Double hung windows, for instance, come with sashes that snugly close into the sills and pocket headers. They are likewise designed to interlock with each other at the meeting rail. Vinyl sashes feature rubber seals and weather strips to further enhance the windows’ sealing ability.

Not so long ago, the frames for aluminum, vinyl, and wood windows were normally screwed or nailed to attach them. It was later found out that these types of frames would weaken up in the long run and create gaps making it possible for air and water to come in. Nowadays, the frames of replacement windows are attached by heat welding the seams together. This process results in a stronger frame that can withstand bend and flex movements without loosening up making it very effective in preventing external elements from getting inside the house.

Truly, replacement windows have come a long way in terms of design and production over such a short period of time. Today, with all the benefits they can deliver; replacement windows allow you to get excellent value for your money.   

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