Should I Invest $200, $600 Or $1500 On A New Window For My House?

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Everybody does. But then again, you should be wary of cheap products. When you buy something cheap, almost always, you end up with a product whose quality matches its price tag. In short, you get exactly what you paid for. A good deal doesn’t always mean paying less. Good quality and an affordable price should go hand in hand. In the home improvement industry and in practically all other fields, there’s the saying: “Buy cheap. Buy twice.”

This holds true for new replacement windows that cost anywhere from $200 to $400. They are often referred to as rental windows. They are new windows installed on your home that will only last for a certain number of months or years. They don’t last for a long time for several reasons, foremost of which are their substandard quality, poor installation and very limited warranty.

So how do you know that you’ve got a good deal on your replacement windows? Here’s a very interesting fact. Do you know that a new replacement window that costs $1500 is actually the same as one that will only costs you $600? You see, in the window business, there are a number of companies that exist mainly to gain profits as quickly as they possibly can. To be able to do this, they often charge a client way more than they should on replacement windows. People who are not very familiar with the product often are the easy targets. While the windows may actually be good, and the installation may also be great, but the thing is, you can get the same quality and service for significantly less.

On the other hand, windows that cost only $600 will not merely provide the same quality and service as the ones mentioned above; they will also come with a better warranty. This is largely because the company that offers them is in the business for the long haul. While making money is definitely one of their goals, otherwise they won’t be in the business to begin with; they put more importance on establishing a lifelong relationship with their clients. These companies are the ones that will stay in the business for a long time while others will slowly fade away through time.

The huge diversity in price actually separates the good companies from the sleazy ones. The former are more honest in their business dealings, choosing to put more focus on relationships and gain a small profit while the latter want to make money fast but often at the expense of gullible customers who don’t know better. When it comes to replacement windows, choose your dealer really well. Find one with a reputation based on honesty, integrity, and quality service; one that you can rely on at any given time and will respond to your window issues, regardless of the magnitude, within 24 hours.

As a conclusion, you can say that a window replacement that will cost you $600 is exactly the same in quality as the $1500 window. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by companies who care less about you than they do with money.  Choose your dealer wisely. Find one that has been in the industry for decades because the length of time they have been in the business speaks a lot about their integrity and honesty.