Replacement Windows: Are They Really A Home Investment That Will Pay For Themselves?

There’s no need to overemphasize what replacement windows can bring to the table. But just in case you miss what they can offer you, here’s a quick rundown: add value to your property by enhancing its overall aesthetics and functionalities; low-maintenance for your windows; a quiet, clean and comfortable home environment.

Despite their obvious benefits, installing replacement windows in the home is still viewed as a luxury by most people. But the truth is that replacement windows are actually more of a necessity than a luxury. Think about this. According to the US Department of Energy, leaky and inefficient windows constitute a big percentage of the average household energy bill. If, for instance, you invest on the typical vinyl replacement window with a simple glass package of Low-E and argon, you will actually be able to cut down at least 25% of your monthly power bills. Let’s say that your energy bills average at $100 per month. In a year, you will be able to save an average of $300 without the consideration of inflation. Within a 10-year period, if we don’t take inflation into account, you can save at least $3000 on your bills. If you think about it, in just 3 to 4 years, your replacement windows will have already paid for themselves.

And here’s the fun part, by the way. You can look at your replacement windows as your lifetime employee that will serve you for as long as you need them. Dedicated and hard-working, they will do exactly what you paid them for. Additionally, like a concerned member of your family, they will even help you to save money in different ways without any additional cost from your end. In fact, the amount you shell out to have them installed in your home is the first and last payment you will ever make as far as they are concerned.

All things considered, you actually have two choices. You may choose to stick with your old and inefficient windows that will only have you spending more money in the long run or, you can invest in new replacement windows and get the best value for your money in return. Make your choice. It’s all in your hands.