Are Your Windows At Home No Longer Working Well And Are Giving You The Cold Shoulder?

If you think of your home windows, maybe just like some good things or people in your life, they go a long way back. And then the realization hits you. Your windows are quite old. Then you ask yourself, “Is it time for a change?” You are not alone. The truth is, when it comes to home windows, one of the most commonly asked question among homeowners is, “When do I know if it’s the right time to replace my windows?”

These days, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of having new windows for the home. This awareness is brought about by several factors foremost of which is consumers’ search for means to cut down on energy consumption in the midst of constant fuel increases as well as tax incentives provided by the government.

To help you determine whether or not it is the perfect time for new replacement windows, you will find some helpful tips here. By doing some very simple steps, you will be able to evaluate the overall performance of your existing windows and will help you determine whether or not it is time to let them go.  

First off, try this simple experiment. Place your hand on the glass pane of your window on a cold day. If the glass is cold just like the weather outside, it is an indication that your windows left you out in the cold and can no longer provide you with the same level of efficiency as before. If this is the case, it is definitely time for a change.

If you are not yet convinced, here’s another one. Touch your window frame. Is it cold like the temperature outside or is it warm like the temperature inside your home? If the answer is the former, it means your window is not effective in preventing energy loss. There is a significant amount of heat escaping from your home through your window. You see, an energy-efficient home window should reflect the heat from your furnace back inside your home instead of letting it escape out of the house.

Another way to evaluate the efficiency of your home windows is by lighting a matchstick and moving it around your windows. If the light flickers or blows out, it simply means that air or wind is allowed to pass through your windows, which by the way, means that your house is experiencing a huge heating and cooling loss – a total waste of money.

Actually, just by looking at the glass of your window may already give you some crucial tell-tale signs. If the glass looks fogged up, it means there’s a seal failure and sooner or later, cold air will infiltrate your house.

Finally, try to open and close your windows just by using one finger on each hand. You are supposed to manage this quite easily. A good window offers ease of use for proper ventilation as well as for security and practical purposes.

How did your windows fare from the experiment? Always remember that windows exist to serve a purpose. If they are no longer effective at what they do, it is definitely time to get new replacement windows. Always remember that the best replacement windows offer more than just great aesthetics. They feature great functionalities as well that will help increase the value of your home. Give Zen Windows Cincinnati a call today and let’s discuss the best replacement windows for your home.