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How Can Zen Windows Give You An Accurate Quote Without Going To Your Home?

When you talk about replacement windows, this is one of the times that you can say, “Size doesn’t matter.” Well, not that much anyway.

The largest expense involved in manufacturing windows in the factory is not the materials. Each window is custom made. However, all replacement windows require the same number of steps in setting up the jig, the same number of components, the same number of welds, etc. These things don’t change in any way based on the size of the window being made.

As far as the materials needed to make a window that’s 9 sq. ft or 12 sq. ft. in size, there won’t be that much of a difference in the cost of the glass or vinyl. When compared to the overall cost of a window, you’ll know that it’s not something that we at Zen Windows Cincinnati will lose sleep over. But, there’s a point where it does make a little more difference and that would be windows that are larger than 17 sq. ft. (101 unified inches, e.g. 41″ X 60″ = 101″). This is why we’ll ask you for the size of your largest window and how many windows are of that size or close to it. However, even if we get the computations wrong, we won’t end up with a death sentence that’s going to put us into a state of bankruptcy.

To make the answer simple, replacement windows really aren’t that complicated and the tolerances for giving an estimate that both of us can live with won’t require a visit to your house or a pressure filled sales pitch just so we can give you an accurate quote.

What Benefits Do Your Home Replacement Windows Bring To The Table?

Before you decide to get replacement windows, considering how much they will set you back, you need the assurance that you will get the best value for your money. Much has been said about them and the benefits they provide, but with any investments you make, you just want to make sure that it is money well-spent. So what exactly do replacement windows bring to the table?  

Energy Efficiency

Think about this. According to the Department of Energy, leaky and inefficient windows actually account for a big slice of the energy bills of the average household. Installing energy efficient windows will allow you to lower your monthly energy bills by at least 15%. Replacement windows today are especially designed to offer not only great aesthetics but increased efficiency as well allowing you and thousands of homeowners who have grown sick and tired of their exorbitant power bills, to significantly lower your heating and cooling expenses while enabling you to have a comfortable time at home all year round.

Boost The Value Of Your Home

Getting replacement windows, no doubt will make your home attractive. More than that, however, they will increase the value of your home with the enhanced overall look and increased efficiency. The truth is that installing replacement windows is one of the most effective ways in making your property attractive to potential buyers. Homeowners who decided to sell their property upgrade their home windows before they will put them on the market.

Decreased External Noise

Replacement windows can be very useful to homeowners who live in an area where loud noise or disturbance is a daily battle. The installation of new glass panes with efficient insulation capabilities will significantly decrease the degree of external noise that gets inside the home. Additionally, aside from loud sounds, the new windows will also prevent water, wind, sleet, and snow during winter from infiltrating the inside of your home. All these will make it possible for you to have a quiet, relaxing and comfortable time with your family inside your abode.

Improved Glass

Modern-designed replacement windows today feature Low-E glass, a special coating that works by reflecting infrared light back into the room without limiting the amount of natural light that comes into the house.  This coating allows the windows to keep the temperature inside the house comfortably warm during winter and cool during summer months. The e-coating offers varying degrees of UV protection, the highest level being most ideal to use on the south and west sides of your home.


Should I Invest $200, $600 Or $1500 On A New Window For My House?

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Everybody does. But then again, you should be wary of cheap products. When you buy something cheap, almost always, you end up with a product whose quality matches its price tag. In short, you get exactly what you paid for. A good deal doesn’t always mean paying less. Good quality and an affordable price should go hand in hand. In the home improvement industry and in practically all other fields, there’s the saying: “Buy cheap. Buy twice.”

This holds true for new replacement windows that cost anywhere from $200 to $400. They are often referred to as rental windows. They are new windows installed on your home that will only last for a certain number of months or years. They don’t last for a long time for several reasons, foremost of which are their substandard quality, poor installation and very limited warranty.

So how do you know that you’ve got a good deal on your replacement windows? Here’s a very interesting fact. Do you know that a new replacement window that costs $1500 is actually the same as one that will only costs you $600? You see, in the window business, there are a number of companies that exist mainly to gain profits as quickly as they possibly can. To be able to do this, they often charge a client way more than they should on replacement windows. People who are not very familiar with the product often are the easy targets. While the windows may actually be good, and the installation may also be great, but the thing is, you can get the same quality and service for significantly less.

On the other hand, windows that cost only $600 will not merely provide the same quality and service as the ones mentioned above; they will also come with a better warranty. This is largely because the company that offers them is in the business for the long haul. While making money is definitely one of their goals, otherwise they won’t be in the business to begin with; they put more importance on establishing a lifelong relationship with their clients. These companies are the ones that will stay in the business for a long time while others will slowly fade away through time.

The huge diversity in price actually separates the good companies from the sleazy ones. The former are more honest in their business dealings, choosing to put more focus on relationships and gain a small profit while the latter want to make money fast but often at the expense of gullible customers who don’t know better. When it comes to replacement windows, choose your dealer really well. Find one with a reputation based on honesty, integrity, and quality service; one that you can rely on at any given time and will respond to your window issues, regardless of the magnitude, within 24 hours.

As a conclusion, you can say that a window replacement that will cost you $600 is exactly the same in quality as the $1500 window. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by companies who care less about you than they do with money.  Choose your dealer wisely. Find one that has been in the industry for decades because the length of time they have been in the business speaks a lot about their integrity and honesty.

What Is A Good Warranty For Your New Windows?

Most companies will tell you that they offer a lifetime warranty on their windows. Those who don’t know better will think that they have a great warranty going but in many instances, they actually don’t. You see, this so-called lifetime warranty can be very vague and misleading. It is common to find lifetime guarantees that are so limited that the term “lifetime” becomes meaningless. When it comes to the warranty terms of your windows, be very discerning. Here are some good questions that you need to raise when considering warranty components.

  • Who is backing the warranty of the windows – the window company that you got them from or the window manufacturer? As much as possible, try to find a solid manufacturer’s warranty for your windows.
  • What does “lifetime” refer to – the lifetime of the window, your home, or the length of time you’re going to reside in your home? And, what does it cover – the unit and the installation or just the windows?
  • If any warranty issues arise, will there be any extra cost on your end?
  • Is the warranty transferable? If yes, does it entail any additional cost?
  • In cases of accidental breakage, does the warranty cover this?

Even if a warranty sounds solid as the company claims, you still don’t take their word for it. To be sure, ask for references. Make sure, too that these people who you are going to ask questions to will help you evaluate how the company responded to a warranty-related issue rather on how well they installed the windows.

You can ask them several questions like how long it took them to file and complete a service call, whether the technician was on call when the service call was filed and if they were charged any fees. You will know if the company provides a good warranty if it responds to service calls right away regardless of the magnitude of the issue brought to them. Also, if they don’t charge anything for the repair, then you’ll know you are going to be in good hands.

Always remember that as far as your replacement windows are concerned, you should only be paying for them once. The amount you paid to have them installed in your home should be the first and last payment you will ever have to make. When it comes to warranties, don’t be gullible enough to trust everything that a company says. Find out for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Why Do Other Window Replacement Companies Require A Down Payment?

You’ve heard some of the horror stories. Window companies demand a certain amount for down payment even before they start with the replacement window project. And then they tear down your house, disrupt your lives, demand more money, and threaten to delay the project some more if you don’t pay. The sad part is you never see the contractor or your money again. You are left with uncompleted projects. Some homeowners even paid a significant amount for a project that was never even started.

It comes as no real shock, therefore, that a number of homeowners are quite wary with companies who ask for upfront fees. More often than not, these companies are out there for the obvious. They want to get your check and cash it in.

To be fair, it is a standard practice for contractors in the home remodeling industry to ask for down payments. There is nothing wrong with that. You see, a lot of materials used in the production of the units are on special order, which contractors need to pay to produce the windows. Also, they need to shell out money for any permits needed to get the project rolling. However, there’s a certain percentage that is considered fair and just. As a rule, a down payment should not be over 25% of the total cost of the replacement project. If a company requires you to pay more than that, be very wary.  It goes without saying that you are NEVER to give the contractor all the money even before the project is completed. Always remember that “he who has the money is in control”. It is always wise to be careful and err on the side of caution.

Before you give a contractor the go signal to get started on the installation job, you should do your homework. Before they start working on your house, get the answers you need not only to make you feel comfortable with your decision, but also to make sure that the installation will be carried out efficiently and won’t cause you losing a great deal of money. Here are some crucial questions on the installation process that you need to raise:

  1. If your windows are rotten, will they replace the wood? If they do, are there extra charges for that?
  2. In case of damages such as casing, sills, etc., will you be chargedextra?
  3. Are they going to move your furniture before the start of the project or you are solely responsible for this?
  4. Are they going to provide you with new capping, casing or caulk?
  5. What material will be used when caulking?
  6. Are they going to insulate the walls around the windows and seal the area around the corners?
  7. If a new header is required, are you going to shoulder the expenses?
  8. Will they do a complete cleanup after the installation is completed?
  9. Are there going to be any follow-ups after the job is complete?

These are just some of the important questions that you need to ask. The bottom line is that you need to be careful in choosing the right contractor for the installation. Take your time to do your homework. Don’t be shy in asking questions about other services on top of all the details of the installation job. If things don’t feel right, back off. This is much better than dealing with the headaches and costly mistakes of hiring inefficient and money-hungry contractors.

If you choose Zen Windows Cincinnati, you won’t be worried about being ripped off of your hard-earned money. You see, we don’t require any upfront fees. You only give us your payment when we’ve completed the installation project in your home and you are 100% satisfied. This is our way of letting our clients know that they can put their trust on us and on how we do our job.

How Come Window Bids Differ So Much From Each Other?

Before anything else, you should understand that in the window business, there are a lot of good windows and unfortunately, bad windows as well. That is why you need to exert efforts to find the right window that is not only of excellent quality but also one that is priced right. Normally, you shop around for prices. The Better Business Bureau recommends that you get at least two or three estimates before making a buying decision.

Now let’s go back to your question. You probably knew by now that when you did your homework and asked around for prices, they can either be close in range or can hugely vary. While the answer and explanations can go on and on, the long and short of it is that the prices of the windows are generally the direct function of the overhead of the company providing the estimates.

One of our clients before asked for three quotes from three different contractors. My bid was $15,000. He was clearly surprised and then turned skeptical all of a sudden. It turned out that one company gave him a quote of $51,000 while another gave a quote of $32,000. Understandably, the significant difference in price range would elicit the same reaction from anybody who is not familiar with the ins and outs of the window business.

My explanation is very simple. The two big companies who gave the two quotes were no doubt reputable and most likely offer high quality products and excellent service. But my company can provide both, too. So why do I charge way lower? The answer lies in my company’s business model. This makes a huge difference in the pricing.

You see, a big company normally occupies a really huge office, and employs a group of telemarketers, canvassers, sales people, managers, and so on. To pay for the cost of these overhead, the company needs to build on the price of their windows. On top of that, there are also the marketing expenses. It is common practice for companies to market their business through the newspaper, radio, television, etc. and these can be very costly. How do they pay for these? You get the picture. This answers why there are replacement windows out there that have exactly the same quality as others but are exorbitantly priced.

With Zen Windows Cincinnati, our business model has already been pre-determined. Dan Wolt, the founder of Zen Windows, who has been in the window business for 20 years, created a business model that can offer a win-win situation for him and his clients. What Zen Windows offers sets us apart from anybody else in the industry.

First of all, with Zen Windows, our clients talk to nobody else but the owner. When you get in touch with us, there are no sales persons to meet you up because we don’t employ any. There is no better person to represent the company than its owner. I provide my clients with my personal cell phone and office phone numbers as well as my email address so they can contact me directly and nobody else. This makes the flow of communication fast and simple.

In addition, employing less people in the company means keeping the overhead at a minimum allowing me to keep my prices extremely competitive. Finally, given that my business thrives on referrals, I make sure that I take care of my clients and as much as I possibly could, I give them the best value for their money. We don’t have commission hungry salespersons who really don’t care about you, your home or what kind of product or service you get. For more information on our business model and how we are able to offer affordable replacement windows, contact us today.

How Important Is The Window Installer For Your Home Improvement Project?

Having good replacement windows installed on your home does not only mean getting one of the best windows available in the market. You also have to make sure that they are properly installed. In short, the installation is just as important as the quality of the units. One common mistake among a number of homeowners is that they are stringent when it comes to reviewing a window’s quality but tend to be slack in terms of evaluating the qualification or the capability of the installers.

There is nothing wrong at all about carefully checking the quality of your replacement windows. It is not only encouraged but even highly recommended. You don’t want to end up with substandard units that won’t last for a long time, right? You want to make sure that what you get does not only look good but will also perform well as expected. After all, replacement windows don’t come with cheap price tags.  You have to make sure that you get excellent value for your money. That’s why you go through the trouble of checking every single thing such as the packaging of the unit, the materials used, the manufacturer, and so on. But then, you don’t and shouldn’t stop there.

A lot of homeowners believe that getting a good replacement window is the ultimate goal. That’s why after securing one; they don’t bother to check the installer anymore. They fail to realize that all the efforts they make to get quality windows will be futile if the installation goes wrong. They can end up wasting not just their efforts but their hard-earned money as well when incompetent installers botch the installation project. The point is that the installation should be given as much attention as the unit.

Check if the installer is the right person for the job. Start off by asking the window company if the installers are subcontractors or their actual employees. The problem with some window companies is that their installers are actually the same employees they hire to do other jobs. Ideally, a company’s installer should only be assigned on installation projects. They should not be the company’s jack of all trades doing all sorts of tasks that the company requires.

Ask the company for some certifications. Don’t be shy about inquiring whether or not their installers have passed the AAMI certification program. AAMI-certified installers are trained to perform the installation as efficiently as possible, for instance, making sure that they properly caulk both the interior and exterior of the windows and custom cap the exterior to give the home a complete finish, etc. They are likewise trained to perform other tasks like checking the property for termite infestation, water damage, wall installation and so on, which all can come in handy when they perform the installation in your house.

The great thing about certified in-house installers is that as employees representing the company, they will make sure that they do the job efficiently to avoid causing any embarrassment to the company. Having them on the project plus your quality replacement windows will more or less ensure a successful installation. There’s simply very little chance of the project going wrong.

Now, how about if the installers are the company’s subcontractors? This is actually a common practice. Basically, subcontractors are installers who perform different types of jobs for many different companies. The companies hire them per project basis. It is not unusual for companies to negotiate labor pricing especially during off-peak seasons.

While there are subcontractors who are really good at what they do, the problem is that many are not right for the job. A number of them are not even certified, plus the fact that they are neither loyal to nor representatives of any company. If you are not very discerning with the installers’ qualifications, there’s a high possibility that you’ll end up with the wrong people who will not be able to efficiently manage the entire installation project.

Clearly, both choices have their share of benefits and drawbacks. That is why you need to weigh your options really well. When it comes to your window replacement, you need to minimize the risk of a bad installation, otherwise, you will suffer the consequences.

What Are The Things That Make Replacement Windows Energy Efficient?

Perhaps, one of the biggest selling points of replacement windows is their ability to lower your heating and cooling bills. But have you ever wondered what exactly makes replacement windows energy efficient? This has a lot to do with how windows are designed. Modern replacement windows are specially constructed to prevent rain, wind, sleet, and snow during winter from infiltrating the home and at the same time allow the warm air to remain inside the house. During the hot summer months, they have the ability to keep hot air from getting inside the home without actually blocking natural light from coming in providing you with a nice view of the outside world. These major qualities explain why replacement windows rank high when it comes to energy efficiency.

To be able to perform at their optimum level and live up to expectations, the production of energy efficient windows normally goes through several considerations. Among the top concerns are: the overall design of the unit, materials used as well as the process involved. All these components are at play to be able to come up with replacement windows that have the ability to help lower a large percentage of the energy bills of many homeowners during the entire lifespan of the units.

Generally, most replacement windows today are energy efficient although they may provide varying levels of efficiency depending on some factors like the materials used during their production. Perhaps, the most energy efficient windows are those that are manufactured from materials that have the ability to keep levels of heat transfer to a minimum. When levels of heat transfer are reduced, the windows can keep the heat inside during the cold winter season and keep it outside during the warm summer months allowing people to enjoy comfortable temperatures inside their homes all year round.

Accordingly, a double glazed glass pack with a PPG Intercept spacer or a foam Super Spacer in the gap between its two layers of glass performs well in keeping heat transfer to a minimum. In addition, modern-designed replacement windows today have glasses that are treated with a low emissivity coating. The e-coating reflects the heat back into the room in the form of infrared light without sacrificing the amount of natural light getting inside the house. Moreover, today, energy efficient windows have frames and sashes that are constructed from materials that can likewise limit the amount of heat transfer. Among the different types of window replacements, vinyl windows are the most energy efficient.

Other than their ability to reduce your heating and cooling bills, replacement windows today are also designed to seal out air and water infiltration. Double hung windows, for instance, come with sashes that snugly close into the sills and pocket headers. They are likewise designed to interlock with each other at the meeting rail. Vinyl sashes feature rubber seals and weather strips to further enhance the windows’ sealing ability.

Not so long ago, the frames for aluminum, vinyl, and wood windows were normally screwed or nailed to attach them. It was later found out that these types of frames would weaken up in the long run and create gaps making it possible for air and water to come in. Nowadays, the frames of replacement windows are attached by heat welding the seams together. This process results in a stronger frame that can withstand bend and flex movements without loosening up making it very effective in preventing external elements from getting inside the house.

Truly, replacement windows have come a long way in terms of design and production over such a short period of time. Today, with all the benefits they can deliver; replacement windows allow you to get excellent value for your money.   

In Cincinnati, the question as to whether or not you should have replacement windows installed on your home has been made easier to answer with Zen Windows. Give us a call today to get a quick quote on the windows that you need and have them installed on your home as soon as possible.

What Makes Vinyl Replacement Windows The Most Ideal Choice?

For the longest time, replacement windows were made from wood for obvious reasons. Wood resources were abundant and were readily available to craftsmen. Original wood windows typically featured excellent hand-craftsmanship and detail which perhaps, remained unparalleled even until today. Through the years, however, in order to meet the ever changing needs of consumers, other materials were utilized as alternatives to wood, which among others, include steel, aluminum, and vinyl.

The thing with wood windows is that through time, their constant exposure to outdoor elements like wind, rain, and snow will take a toll on their appearance as well as their overall performance. To put it simply, wood is not the best material to withstand harsh outdoor conditions for a very long time. Eventually, wood windows will show signs of deterioration leaving you out feeling cold during winter and dripping in sweat during summer.

In the early 1900s, the production of steel windows was started which slowly replaced the popularity of wood windows. Steel windows were patronized because they don’t corrode over time plus the fact that the material is resilient to stand against severe weather conditions.

On the downside, however, steel replacement windows are ineffective insulators, transferring both heat and cold, which means that they make the room colder in winter and hotter during summer months. In addition, largely due to their weight, steel windows are hard to install. These made way for the emergence of aluminum replacement windows. The benefits they offer led to the production of new generation windows, which became popular mainly because of their lesser weight and cost.

However, it wasn’t long after that the drawbacks of aluminum windows began to outweigh their benefits. Though they have the ability to withstand harsh outdoor elements, weighed lesser, and are cost-effective, they were lagging behind in terms of their energy efficient capabilities. This led to the discovery and production of vinyl replacement windows, which to this day have remained the most popular choice.

Vinyl windows were first introduced in the market about 20 years ago. When people started to realize their added advantages, there was no stopping vinyl windows’ popularity.  They are widely sought mainly because they rank high in energy efficiency. This capability has a lot to do with the double or triple glazed insulating sash of vinyl windows, which feature desiccant filled spacers between the glass layer and are sealed on the outside with butyl rubber or silicone. These framing materials made vinyl windows very energy efficient, allowing homeowners to significantly lower their heating and cooling bills over time. 

Moreover, vinyl windows are low on maintenance, neither requiring painting nor sealing. They also have better ability to withstand austere outdoor elements as compared to wood and metal. Like metal, they don’t corrode, flake, or peel and are resistant to stain or discoloration.

With all the advantages vinyl windows can bring to the table, you would think that its cost would probably be its biggest drawback. You will be surprised to know that vinyl windows are the cheapest to produce. If you are looking for windows that are high on energy efficiency, durability and style but very low on cost, vinyl windows definitely fill the bill.

Replacement Windows: Are They Really A Home Investment That Will Pay For Themselves?

There’s no need to overemphasize what replacement windows can bring to the table. But just in case you miss what they can offer you, here’s a quick rundown: add value to your property by enhancing its overall aesthetics and functionalities; low-maintenance for your windows; a quiet, clean and comfortable home environment.

Despite their obvious benefits, installing replacement windows in the home is still viewed as a luxury by most people. But the truth is that replacement windows are actually more of a necessity than a luxury. Think about this. According to the US Department of Energy, leaky and inefficient windows constitute a big percentage of the average household energy bill. If, for instance, you invest on the typical vinyl replacement window with a simple glass package of Low-E and argon, you will actually be able to cut down at least 25% of your monthly power bills. Let’s say that your energy bills average at $100 per month. In a year, you will be able to save an average of $300 without the consideration of inflation. Within a 10-year period, if we don’t take inflation into account, you can save at least $3000 on your bills. If you think about it, in just 3 to 4 years, your replacement windows will have already paid for themselves.

And here’s the fun part, by the way. You can look at your replacement windows as your lifetime employee that will serve you for as long as you need them. Dedicated and hard-working, they will do exactly what you paid them for. Additionally, like a concerned member of your family, they will even help you to save money in different ways without any additional cost from your end. In fact, the amount you shell out to have them installed in your home is the first and last payment you will ever make as far as they are concerned.

All things considered, you actually have two choices. You may choose to stick with your old and inefficient windows that will only have you spending more money in the long run or, you can invest in new replacement windows and get the best value for your money in return. Make your choice. It’s all in your hands.


Replacement Windows: How Can They Help Make Your Property More Attractive To Potential Buyers?

Zen Windows has been in the window business for more than 20 years. That amount of time is long enough for it to realize the importance of installing replacement windows to increase the value of a home and make it “saleable” to potential buyers.

According to statistics, people move at least once in every five years. Typically, before their previous properties are put on the market, homeowners make necessary improvements to increase the value of their homes. One of the most effective moves is installing replacement windows.

Aesthetics Appeal

People almost always are drawn to anything new. Installing replacement windows is a great way to catch the wandering eyes of potential home buyers. The new windows can give your home an improved aesthetics. Each type of replacement window brings in a certain look and feel, which gives your property an added appeal.

Energy Saving Features

In the midst of constant fuel price increases, most people nowadays look for ways to cut down on their energy consumption. By installing energy-efficient replacement windows, buyers can see a financial benefit knowing that heating and cooling the home won’t cost them as much as they would with inefficient or faulty windows. Replacement windows can actually serve as a strong point of negotiation when you eventually sell your property.


Today, modern replacement windows bring in more than just aesthetic appeal or energy-saving features. They are likewise designed to offer added security and safety to the residents. Typically, replacement windows these days offer the ease of operation for security as well as for practical purposes.


With the long list of houses on sale today, your property needs to stand out. This won’t be hard to accomplish as your newly-installed replacement windows add a high leverage advantage. Potential buyers will definitely take notice. The new set of replacement windows means one important decision has already been made for them, easing a burden off their shoulders.

Given all the advantages mentioned above, it is really not surprising why a number of homeowners decide to install replacement windows before putting their properties on sale. It is a clever move and a true win-win situation not only for the seller but the buyer as well. 

To ensure an efficient installation of your replacement windows, make sure to choose a dealer wisely. Zen Windows Cincinnati can offer you excellent quality and great service. Give us a call today at (513) 813-5433.

Are Your Windows At Home No Longer Working Well And Are Giving You The Cold Shoulder?

If you think of your home windows, maybe just like some good things or people in your life, they go a long way back. And then the realization hits you. Your windows are quite old. Then you ask yourself, “Is it time for a change?” You are not alone. The truth is, when it comes to home windows, one of the most commonly asked question among homeowners is, “When do I know if it’s the right time to replace my windows?”

These days, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of having new windows for the home. This awareness is brought about by several factors foremost of which is consumers’ search for means to cut down on energy consumption in the midst of constant fuel increases as well as tax incentives provided by the government.

To help you determine whether or not it is the perfect time for new replacement windows, you will find some helpful tips here. By doing some very simple steps, you will be able to evaluate the overall performance of your existing windows and will help you determine whether or not it is time to let them go.  

First off, try this simple experiment. Place your hand on the glass pane of your window on a cold day. If the glass is cold just like the weather outside, it is an indication that your windows left you out in the cold and can no longer provide you with the same level of efficiency as before. If this is the case, it is definitely time for a change.

If you are not yet convinced, here’s another one. Touch your window frame. Is it cold like the temperature outside or is it warm like the temperature inside your home? If the answer is the former, it means your window is not effective in preventing energy loss. There is a significant amount of heat escaping from your home through your window. You see, an energy-efficient home window should reflect the heat from your furnace back inside your home instead of letting it escape out of the house.

Another way to evaluate the efficiency of your home windows is by lighting a matchstick and moving it around your windows. If the light flickers or blows out, it simply means that air or wind is allowed to pass through your windows, which by the way, means that your house is experiencing a huge heating and cooling loss – a total waste of money.

Actually, just by looking at the glass of your window may already give you some crucial tell-tale signs. If the glass looks fogged up, it means there’s a seal failure and sooner or later, cold air will infiltrate your house.

Finally, try to open and close your windows just by using one finger on each hand. You are supposed to manage this quite easily. A good window offers ease of use for proper ventilation as well as for security and practical purposes.

How did your windows fare from the experiment? Always remember that windows exist to serve a purpose. If they are no longer effective at what they do, it is definitely time to get new replacement windows. Always remember that the best replacement windows offer more than just great aesthetics. They feature great functionalities as well that will help increase the value of your home. Give Zen Windows Cincinnati a call today and let’s discuss the best replacement windows for your home.

Is It A Good Idea To Change Your Front Door When You Replace Your Home Windows?

Changing your windows is an important decision that goes beyond aesthetic purposes alone. One of the top reasons why a number of homeowners today upgrade their old good windows is to lower their energy bills. According to the US Department of Energy, leaky and inefficient windows account for at least 25% of the monthly energy bills of the average households. Once you invested in energy-efficient windows, you will be able to lower your heating and cooling bills and save money in the process.

But then again, if you expect to have savings right away, you might be in for some disappointment. It will take some time to recoup the money you’ve invested to get the replacement windows installed in your home, let alone see real savings stack up. On average, replacement windows will be able to pay for themselves within 3 to 4 years after you get them installed.

In addition, while replacement windows are efficient in heating and cooling your home and minimizing your energy consumption at the same time, some homeowners are not impressed with their overall energy saving abilities. Some complained that there is still a significant amount of energy escaping the house.

If this happens, it is easy to narrow down the possible causes.

  • Are your windows of solid vinyl construction?
  • Are they nailed/screwed together or fusion-welded?
  • Is the structure of the frame made with I-beam construction?
  • Do the windows have balanced covers, weeped sills, etc?

In many instances, however, the problem mentioned above has nothing to do with the quality of your windows or how they were installed. The thing with many homeowners is that aside from having very high and sometimes unrealistic expectations, they get too focused on the new windows that they fail to consider the role of the largest opening of the house, the front entry door. It is just as important as, if not more than, your windows.

You see, a lot of people don’t realize that once the windows are properly sealed, the cold or warm air inside the house will look for another way to escape. The most possible option is the front door. Needless to say, if your replacement windows are not the problem, then your door is. To be able to get the full coverage on energy savings, you need to consider replacing not just your windows but your door as well.

You can get a steel gauge door that features a unique glasslite design, an adjustable oak threshold, and compression weather stripping. This will be an essential and economical investment if the main purpose of acquiring it is so you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. Nowadays, in the midst of rising fuel prices and limited resources, investments that can help you lower your expenses and allow you to save money are almost always appreciated.

However, before you invest in anything, it is better to talk with your contractor first who can give you some useful suggestions. By doing so, you can properly plan your project not only to avoid making some costly mistakes but also to get the best results for your home that you and your family can enjoy to the fullest.

Is It Possible to Install Replacement Windows And Doors During Winter In Cincinnati, Ohio?

The answer is a big YES. There’s actually no issue at all when it comes to installing both replacement windows and doors during winter in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, there are a few precautionary measures to take during the installation process.

For instance, it is recommended that the windows be installed one at a time to prevent heat loss. Also, installers should do the prep work first before taking out a window. This will lessen the amount of time your windows or doors are detached from your house before the new set of replacements can be installed. Ideally, the installation of a window should not go beyond five minutes. During the entire process, all the doors in the house should be shut down to prevent further drafts.

If you think that you will have to pay more for the installation of your windows or doors during winter, you can’t be more wrong. It will actually save you more time and money because labor costs and delivery times are typically faster during this season. In addition, with us, regardless of how much work is required for the prep work, there is no need to pay us extra.

If you are bothered by how much noise the installation will make, you will be surprised to know that it is actually a quiet process. You can even watch TV in your den uninterrupted while our crew is busy with the installation of your windows or doors.

Another great thing about us is that we value our clients. We respect your home and your family. When our team comes to your house for the installation, we make sure not to disrupt anything. As a rule, only one installer gets into your home while another waits outside. During the whole installation process, we will not crowd your home or cause you further inconveniences. We take pride in our ability to successfully complete the installation project without disrupting the lives of our clients.

With Zen Windows, there’s no reason for you to brave the cold winter months with ineffective or faulty windows or doors. Not only will we help you feel comfortable all throughout the season, we will also help you cut down on energy consumption through our energy-efficient windows. In the end, you will get absolute comfort all year round, great aesthetics, and added savings. In short, you will get the best value for your money.