Front Door


The main function of a front door of a house can be straight-forward – to seal the home’s main entrance. The simplicity of how this sounds actually doesn’t do the front door any justice at all. Front doors play a major role in any home which, unfortunately, many homeowners fail to realize.

First of all, a front door takes the brunt of the outdoor elements like wind, rain, and heat of the sun. Aside from this, it is also subjected to daily and constant handling, frequently being knocked on, swung, and even slammed many times a day. That is why it should be sturdy enough to withstand outdoor conditions as well as the wear and tear of daily use.

Additionally, a front door protects the home against intruders or other people that are not supposed to get inside the house. To be able to provide maximum protection, it should be thick and sturdy, allowing the people living inside the house to feel protected and secure especially when they go to bed at night.

Aside from the obvious functions mentioned, a front door also provides a certain impression about the home if not the people living in it. It could be imposing or welcoming. Or, it could reflect the owners’ impeccable taste or warm personality mainly through its design and style.

Generally, a good front door should be strong to offer security and at the same time nice-looking. However, most of the front doors available in the market today are either strong or attractive, rarely meeting both standards at the same time. This especially holds true for older models that easily warp, crack, and delaminate. A lot of modern styles also, particularly those made of metal doors can be durable but are lacking in terms of aesthetic appeal.

If you’re planning to replace your front door, you actually have a lot of options to choose from. You may decide on doors with glass panels that allow more natural light into the house. Or, you may opt for wooden doors that offer better protection than their older versions. You can also choose doors that look like they are made from wood but are actually made of metal and fiberglass. These doors provide more security, look great, and yet affordable.

With Zen Windows, you can choose from among our wide selection of front door styles that can definitely improve the beauty and value of your home. For custom-designed front doors, we have a stock of different materials that will enable us to meet your specifications and requirements in order to come up with something unique for your home.