Front Door

The main function of a front door of a house can be straight-forward – to seal the home’s main entrance. The simplicity of how this sounds actually doesn’t do the front door any justice at all. Front doors play a major role in any home which, unfortunately, many homeowners fail to realize.

First of all, a front door takes the brunt of the outdoor elements like wind, rain, and heat of the sun. Aside from this, it is also subjected to daily and constant handling, frequently being knocked on, swung, and even slammed many times a day. That is why… Read More

Sliding Glass Door

Simply put, a sliding glass door is a larger version of a slider window. They’re attractive and functional to have at home mainly because they offer you an unobstructed view of your outdoors without the need to go outside. Sliding glass doors, as the name suggests, are made of glass. A sliding glass door features two glass panels, one is permanent while… Read More