What Is Air Infiltration?

What Is Air Infiltration?

Vinyl Windows & Air InfiltrationAir Infiltration On Vinyl Windows

Regardless of the material they are made of, all windows leak some air. But then again, there are windows that leak more than they should. And this is something that you just can’t dismiss because leaky windows can account for about 25% of your monthly energy bills.

Given that windows offer varying levels of performance in terms of keeping air leakage at a minimum, you have to carefully consider which unit to get for your home regardless of the purpose of your window replacement project. You will find certain types of windows that can perform better than others in preventing air from getting out of your home.

This is where our vinyl windows come in. Designed and constructed to keep air infiltration low, they can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills and at the same time keep your indoor space comfortable regardless of the season.

Why Do Some Windows Leak Air More Than Others?

The answer is quite simple. All windows are not created equal. Some are superior in terms of design and construction making them more effective in blocking huge energy loss at home. Poorly designed windows, on the other hand, allow a significant amount of air to get out. In general, these are windows that don’t have the elements that can make a huge difference in preventing air leakage such as the barriers or weather stripping around the sash as well as the built-in airlocks. Without these features, it is very easy for warm or cool air inside your home to find its way out leaving you with uncomfortable indoor temperature and exorbitant heating and cooling bills.

We, at Zen Windows Cincinnati understand how leaky windows can be a great source of headache at home. This is why we are more than proud to offer our vinyl windows. Loaded with more than enough amount of weather barriers, they can minimize air leakage to a maximum extent making them the best performing windows on the market today even when compared to other similar windows offered by well-known brands in the industry.

To help you decide which type of window to get for your home, get in touch with Zen Windows Cincinnati today.