Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Window In Cincinnati OH
Only the bottom sash operates on a single hung window.


Single Hung Window Sample By Zen Windows Cincinnati

Single hung windows are affordable and can still dress up a home.


Single Hung Window Operation
The bottom sash tilts in for easy cleaning.


Single Hung Windows

What Is A Single Hung Window?

In terms of appearance, a single hung looks exactly like a double hung window. It has two sashes inside a frame with one placed above the other. The only difference is that a single hung window only has one operational sash. Its bottom sash is able to slide up and down while its top sash stays in place.

This quality can translate to cheaper unit cost. In general, single hung windows are more affordable than their double hung counterparts given that the former only require an operating mechanism for its bottom sash thus keeping the cost of the unit low.

While not as widely-used as double hung windows, many homeowners still choose single hungs as replacement options as well as for new construction.

A Quality Window Designed for a Limited Budget

Zen Windows Cincinnati is proud to offer its only line of single hung windows, The Limited. It showcases quality but reasonably-priced single hung units that are perfect for your home and budget. They come with impressive features including:

  • Transferable Warranty- Our single hung replacement windows come with a solid Lifetime Transferable Warranty while for new construction windows, we offer a 10 Year Transferable Warranty.
  • Tilt-in bottom sash: For easy and convenient cleaning and maintenance, the bottom sash of our single hung windows can be tilted in with just a mere press of a button.
  • Minimal air infiltration: Our single hung windows come with at least two strips of weather stripping around the sash perimeters providing maximum weather protection.
  • Meeting rail interlock: The innovative interlock design where the two sashes meet in the middle is aimed to keep air infiltration at a minimum.
  • Energy efficiency: Our single hung windows are Energy Star and NFRC certified. In addition, we offer various energy efficient glass package upgrades to further boost their energy performance and meet whatever energy requirements you have at home.
  • Multi-chambered frames: With their multi-hollow vinyl wall construction, Zen single hung windows offer superior strength and will perform at their optimum potentials.
  • Innovative sill design: Featuring the one-piece sill that creates a strong connection between sill and jamb, our single hung windows offer maximum weather protection.
  • Balance system: We make use of our Certa-force™ Balance system on our single hung windows for smooth and easy operation. As a result, they are practically maintenance free, requiring neither lubrication nor adjustment.

To make your decision much easier, just like all our other windows, our single hung units can be customized to fully meet your needs at home as well as your personal preference.

Planning to get new windows soon, but can’t decide which unit to get? Give us a call so we can help you make the right choice.