Double Hung VS Single Hung

Both sashes lift up and
tilt-in for easy cleaning.
Air Infiltration On Vinyl Windows
Poorly designed windows can
leak air in numerous places,
making your home drafty.

Double Hung vs Single Hung

Should You Choose Vinyl Double Hung Windows Over Their Single Hung Counterparts?

Choosing between a double hung and single hung window is now just a matter of personal preference, at least with Zen Windows Cincinnati. This is because both our double and single hung windows are equipped with innovative and functional features. All those qualities that you are looking for in a window such as ease of operation, energy efficiency, and security among others are present in both. Plus, they are available in a wide range of prices meeting all budget requirements. Regardless of your choice, you are sure to get excellent value for your investment.

The Main Difference:  

At a glance, double hung and single hung windows look very similar. The only significant difference between the two is that the former have two sashes that are able to slide up and down while the former only have their bottom sash working. For homeowners looking for windows that can offer excellent ventilation, this seemingly minor distinction can make a huge difference. You see, with two operating sashes, you can effectively control airflow at home which can actually help you reduce your cooling bills in the long run.

Also, both the sashes of double hung windows can be tilted in making them easier to clean and maintain.


On the other hand, what a single hung window lack in functionality features, it more than makes up for in cost. Given that single hungs only require operating mechanism on their bottom sash, they are generally cheaper than double hung windows. They are the ideal choice if you are looking for quality windows but cost is a major consideration.

Air Infiltration:

Whether you opt for single or double hung windows, at Zen Windows Cincinnati you are guaranteed to get the best infiltration rating in the business. This is because both our single and double hung units are designed to effectively keep air infiltration at a minimum. Engineered with both air and water barriers and equipped with at least two strips of weather stripping, they can prevent huge energy loss at home.

Energy Efficiency:

In order for your windows to rank high on energy efficiency, you don’t only consider their frame and sash construction but also the type of glass used. For you to come up with high-performing windows that will meet your energy needs at home, we offer more than 20 different glass upgrades for your single or double hung windows that will not only further boost your home’s overall energy performance and functionality, but its value as well.

Planning to replace your old windows at home, but can’t decide which replacement units to get? Visit us at Zen Windows Cincinnati and we’ll help you make the best choice for your home.