Double Hung Replacement Windows

Double Hung Window
A Zen Windows Double Hung Window shown from the exterior.


Tilt in windows are easy to clean.




The sashes on the Zen Windows Double Hung Windows can be lifted and tilted in.


Double Hung Replacement Windows

What Is A Double Hung Window?

Most people are familiar with double hung windows and probably have seen them around. This is because this type of window is one, if not the most popular in the US today. A double hung window has two working sashes within a frame. In the past, these sashes were hung from counterweights which basically explained how this window got its name. Nowadays, however, to balance the weight of the sashes and for ease of operation, instead of counterweights, manufacturers use either spring balances or steel coils.

Why Get Double Hung Windows?

Double hung windows are designed to offer a number of benefits. However, when you choose Zen’s double hung windows, we will further take your level of comfort and convenience to a whole new level. Here are the leading reasons why they should be on top of your list:

  • Reliable and excellent lift action: Operating Zen’s double hung windows will require very minimal effort on your part. Using either the Endura-Force™ or Certa-Force™ balances to hold the sashes, closing and opening the units is practically effortless.
  • Easy cleaning from inside the home: Zen’s double hung windows have at least one sash that is able to tilt-in. This feature makes it easy for you to clean the units and comes in handy especially when your double hungs are on the upper floor of your home. By simply pressing a button and tipping the sash towards you, you can clean the outer part of the windows from right inside your home.
  • Minimal air infiltration: Our double hung windows come with built-in air barriers and sufficient amount of weather stripping. These elements enable the windows to prevent a significant amount of energy from escaping out of your home allowing you to have a comfortable indoor space while keeping your energy bills low.
  • Innovative sill designs: For maximum weather protection, Zen’s double hung windows feature a strong bond between the window’s sill and jamb.
  • Various Energy efficient glass options: We offer various glazing options for you to choose from regardless of your energy requirements at home.
  • Vent stops for added safety and convenience: All Zen’s double hungs come with vent stops allowing you to raise your sashes a few inches for ventilation purposes while still keeping your home safe from potential intruders since the sash can’t be pushed all the way up to allow anyone to get into your home.

Choosing Zen’s double hung windows for your home is made much easier because in addition to their innovative features, they are likewise offered in a wide range of prices that will surely meet all budget considerations.

Looking to replace your old windows anytime soon? At Zen Windows Cincinnati, we will help you decide which replacement units are best for your home.