Windows, Glass Doors, And UV Rays

Replacement Windows In Hamilton OH, Glass Doors, And UV: Block Those Rays!

When you’ve got windows at home with more expansive glass sections like picture windows, bow windows, bay windows, or perhaps full-size sliding glass doors, you also get to enjoy a significant amount of natural light and an unrestricted view of your outdoor environment. But there’s a price to pay for their enjoyment. And no, this isn’t the cost of your units or their installation. We’re talking about ultraviolet rays or UV rays that can be damaging not only to your home furniture, but to your health as well.

The good news is that when it comes to UV rays, things are not black and white. You don’t have to live in the dark to avoid them and you don’t have to suffer to enjoy the sun’s natural light either. There are strategies that can help protect you and your home from the possible damage while still allowing you to enjoy what your windows and glass doors can offer you.

UV rays come in three different types. The first type is the UVC which never hits the Earth; the UVB rays that cause sunburn and other issues particularly in the summer months; and the UVA rays that are present the whole year round and the cause for skin cancer, premature skin aging, and other health problems. All common glass windows can actually protect your home from UVB rays. But they can only keep 50% at most of the UVA rays out of your home. This amount is enough to keep you tan when you spend a considerable amount of time standing next to your windows or patio doors and enough to bleach fabric, book covers, papers, and other items in your home over time.

To have full protection, there are actually several options available for you with some making more sense than others. For instance, while you can put protective window films on your glass windows, this leaves your rooms darker than you would have wanted. And, if you attach such a film to your double-pane windows, the film can make one pane become much hotter than the other causing accidental breakage which may only void your warranty!

Meanwhile, if you opt for blackout curtains or thermal blinds, they can effectively block a much higher percentage of UV rays. Plus, you have the choice to open or close them anytime you want which means that you don’t have to deal with a dark room all throughout. However, they can be costly. Although we don’t sell these products, we will be more than glad to assist you in figuring out which UV-blocking method is more suitable for your home and our windows.