Windows, Moisture, And Your Home

What’s The Connection Between Replacement Windows In Cincinnati OH, Moisture And Your Home?


If you are wondering why your window and window sills are drenched even if it’s not raining, this could indicate a serious condensation problem. And it definitely is bad news. For one thing, a lot of window problems are moisture-related and transpire because the windows sweat. Yes, they do sweat.

But unlike people, they sweat during the cold winter months when the temperature difference between each side of the glass causes condensation. This sweating is worst when you’ve got aluminum single-pane windows at home. As the water trickles down the glass and pools on the sill, this can eventually cause the sill to warp and deteriorate. And mind you, a messed-up window sill is only one (and the least) of your worries.

When this problem is ignored, the water will eventually penetrate directly into the wall and damage the wooden support beams along the way. This can create cracks from which termite and other insects are allowed to get in and feast on your home. This will also encourage the growth of potentially dangerous and even deadly mold.

To prevent the onset of an even bigger trouble that will be way too much for you to handle, it is best to nip the problem in the bud by pursuing a window replacement. We at Zen Windows Cincinnati can provide you with high-performing double-pane windows that will effectively prevent condensation. You don’t have to worry about your water-damaged sills as we can do the adjustments when necessary while installing your new windows. While a window replacement will have you spending a considerable amount, remember that you are actually saving yourself from shelling out thousands of dollars in the future in water-related home repairs and mold remediation. Act now and contact us for our famous 5-minute window quote!